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Bikini body - Mayra Louise

Summer started early this year. Did you struggle with your body the last few days because you do not have a bikini body? No worries. With this one-of-a-kind plan you have the perfect bikini body within 24 hours. This is what you have to do.

Lees je dit stuk liever in het Nederlands? Kan gewoon.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have completely embraced my bikini body. For years I did not know that I had one until I finally realized that I already had an amazing bikini body and that I actually belong on the beach (like it needs me to be around). It seems a bit like that movie ‘I feel pretty’ by Amy Schumer, with a big difference: I did not have to hit my head for it. Although this could have speeded up the process …

bikinilijf - mayra louise - bikini body guide
Step 1: buy a bikini
We start with a spoiler. A bikini body has only two main ingredients: a body that you already have within reach, and a bikini. Chances are that you do not have a bikini that you really love because otherwise you had been strolling on the beach for a long time. Take the time to find a nice bikini that is kind towards your body. And I mean no cutting briefs or piercing cups …

Take time to find a bikini that suits your body and style. Go to a specialist store, possibly for larger (cup sizes), and get advice. Try things out. Or order a bunch of bikinis online and go fit. Not into bikinis, but did spot a cool swimsuit? Then go for it. Most important is that you will go to that beach this Summer in something other than a dress that covers everything except your toes.

Bikiniproof - Mayra Louise

Step 2: work on your self-care
If I do not take care of myself, I usually feel like a pudding. I’m not referring to my literal jiggle but more in the overall feeling about my body. Over the years I have discovered what I need to feel good fundamentally. In my case, this comes down to things like sufficient me-time, cooking for myself, drinking lots of water, walking regularly, writing in my diary, spending time with my girlfriends (and since last year with my family), wearing clothes that I’m comfortable in and make me feel hot AF at the same time.

When I drop (a couple of) those things, I start to feel less comfortable every day. And that has a direct effect on how I look at myself when I stand in front of the mirror. Since the birth of my baby girl, my self-care is at a low level and it shows. Just proves how important it is to figure out what you need to feel at ease.

bikini body guide - mayra louise

Step 3: Train yourself to a bikini body
Of course, the sentence above can not be taken very literally. Because I will never send you into the gym to train until you have a six pack. But exercising and / or moving around ofter is an important part of my self-care recipe.

The gym and I currently have a very distant relationship, but with my vacation coming up at the end of June, I really want to change that again. Not to lose weight or to grow muscles, but because I notice that it mentally does a lot for me when I train regularly. I love to do bodypump lessons at the gym. This makes me feel more connected with my body and also what my body can do and how strong it is. When I work out regularly I’ve noticed that when I’m in a bikini in front of the mirror or on the beach, I feel differently about my body. More positive.

Is the gym still a step too far for you? Then go for long walks or buy a mat and get started at home. Find the connection with your body then you will discover more and more that you also have a bikini body that deserves to be seen.

It’s all love.

Keep on glowing,

Mayra Louise

I wrote this post in collaboration with Fit for Free. Of course, it is completely based on my own opinion and experiences.

Pictures: Aline Bouma 

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