All about that base (ball jacket)

All about that base

I’m all about that base, about that baseball jacket… I’m in a goofy mood today so I made a song out of my jacket. I’ve been wearing this cool piece a lot. It’s from the Miss Y Loves Yoek collection. And I love it!

The weather is currently pretty shitty in The Netherlands so layers are still the way to go. I love to combine a super simple look like a black jeans and top with a jacket like this. It literally makes the whole outfit pop. I also really like my silver jewelry with this look. I usually wear gold but these pieces from The Two Collectors are really cute!

All about that base

I feel like this piece is an item you can wear through the seasons. In Spring and Summer it’s your jacket and in Fall and Winter you wear it as an extra layer (or jumper). I would also love to combine this with a white dress or skirt. This is something I still need to find in a flattering fabric. Always a challenge, for every woman, no matter what her size is.

All about that base

All about that base… and some other stuff…
Besides this outfit I also wanted to share that I’m working on a lot of personal posts and new interviews. So there will be more stories on the blog the next coming weeks! Besides new posts I’m thinking about video content as well. But my question is: What do you want to see? Would you like me to talk about stuff like selfesteem and body love in video’s and combine this with articles? Or do you want to see something totally different? Let me know in the comments and I will try to make your wishes come true…

All about that base

All about that base

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Keep on shining!


Jacket: Miss Y Loves Yoek
Jeans: ASOS Curve
Top: River Island (old)
Shoes: Nike (old-ish a.k.a. sold out)
Accessories: The Two Collectors

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