How to rock a plus size bikini (video interview)

anna nooshin plus size you tube

Yay! Last month Anna Nooshin and I got together again for our second video for her YouTube channel. This time we talked about being plus size during the summertime. I showed some outfits and a my favorite plus size bikini ofcourse!

The viddy is in Dutch so just like last time I’ve translated some of the highlights. During my teens and twenties I avoided the beach. Some of my followers will remember my first post about my beach body and plus size bikini. I’ve come a long way and started to love bikinis more and more. My palm print Gabi Fresh bikini represents my change. This is the first bikini I own that I truly love. Having a plus size bikini that I really dig also made it easier for me to feel good when I wear it. I’m still a big fan of Swimsuitsforall and their collabs with bloggers en models. But I’ve also been shopping swimwear at Wehkamp and Monki. If you’re new to wearing a bikini order some goodies online. And figure out what shape and model makes you feel comfortable.

Anna also asked me if summertime makes me more aware of my body. And yes, it does. For me this has to do with the fact that I’m showing more skin during Summer. When it’s Winter I can hibernate and watch Netflix on the couch, but when the sun is out I like to be outside too. When it comes to food I try to eat healthy stuff 80% of the time. To me this is a great balance. I’m still not working out in the gym a lot but I do walk around Amsterdam for hours. Something that isn’t just great for my body but for my mind as well.
plus size bikini

One of my most important body love lessons is smiling at myself when I stand in front of the mirror. Uncomfortable at first, but it makes the start of my day truly better. I’ve also stopped focussing on the things about my body that I don’t like and started to look at the bigger picture. I am a complete person. I’m not just my fat. I’m not just my cellulite. So I remind myself to look at all of me instead of parts of me that I don’t like.

At the beginning and the end of the video I also show some Summer fashion. A lot of cute stuff from MS Mode, ASOS Curve and Monki. My favorite bikini is featured too, I’ve combined it with pants with palm print, just like the bikini. How cool is that?

plus size bikini

Most important, don’t let the way you look at your body dictate the way you live your life (during Summer). Put on a cool bikini or a bathing suit. Hug your body with a skirt or dress. Rock those jeans. Put on that freaking bikini! You are worthy of lots of sunshine and positive vibes.

Keep on shining!




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    • Hahahaha! Ik ben aan het uitzoeken hoe ik dat zou willen doen. Ik zie mezelf niet met een camera rondlopen steeds dus zou het met een videomaker willen doen (en die ken ik niet). Maar er wordt over nagedacht!

  1. Ik heb meteen die friction crème besteld! Jaaaaa, eindelijk een oplossing voor dat vervelende geschuur!! Ik hoop dat het goed werkt. Bedankt voor de tip and keep up the good work! <3

  2. Superleuke video! Ik heb gepauzeerd bij de looks om ze wat beter te bekijken, ze gaan zo snel voorbij… Mijn ultieme plus size bikini tip zijn bikini’s in vintage stijl, bijvoorbeeld van het merk Esther Williams. Hebben meestal een hoog broekje met wat schattige ruches op leuke plekken. Zijn in Nederland te koop bij webshops als Succubus en TopVintage. Jij lijkt een wat meer moderne stijl te hebben maar als je ervan houdt is die vintage stijl echt geweldig als je een wat grotere maat hebt!

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