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Liever lezen in NL? Klik dan even hier … 

Last September I had a nice collab with Fit for Free (a Dutch gym chain with 88 clubs around The Netherlands). It was a great way for me to start working out again after giving birth. At the start of the new year we’re going for something bigger … I’m part of the national campaign and my face is alllll over the country. And the internet for that matter.

The campaign is all about your real motivation to work out. This usually goes beyond losing weight or gaining a six pack. For me it’s all about feeling good in my body. And my baby girl is also a big part of it. I want to be a little fit as a mom.

Mayra Louise - daar doe ik het voorThe last couple of days I’ve received a lot of selfies with my poster on it already. Makes me smile every time, so keep ‘em coming!

Next to the posters there’s also a little video featured in the campaign. I’m sharing my motivation to work out. And you also get to see a little glimpse of my home and neighbourhood.

This month I’ll be visiting the gym more ofter again. Ever since I started to work after my maternity leave, I skipped gymtime. Let’s say I don’t master momlife yet! But I continue to be hopeful to fin my balance.

Seeing myself all over town is a good motivation to put my gear on and get sweaty wit hit. I mean, I can’t be in a work out campaign and not work out, right. I have to … in my attempt to keep it real and all that.

Mayra Louise - daar doe ik het voor

What I hope to start with this month is finding ways to combine working out with mom life, me-time, my love life, my friends and basically everything else. I’ll try to give you some tips at the end of the month.

For now, take a picture with me if you happen to be in NL and you spot me … And if you have any workout tips for moms, share them in the comments!

Keep on shining,


Pictures by Aline Bouma 



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