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I get so many questions about fashion, shopping and style that I figured it would be good to share more about this on my blog. The last couple of years I’ve gained a lot of confidence and this translates to my wardrobe. Self-love is an important part of my style journey in fashion. Today I’m sharing some tips about ways to find your fashion style. What it all comes down to? Dressing up your inner beauty!

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#1 Dress up your mood
Honestly my wardrobe is all over the place. The reason? I’m a moody shopper. Some days I feel like Beyoncé but other days I just want to put on a legging and a huge sweater. When it comes to my wardrobe I can always say: my self-love made me do it. My shape looks best in figure hugging dresses –hello curves!- but I need me some comfort clothes too. You know, for when my emotional baggage is making me feel some type of way. Especially during my pms week I don’t want to show off my body so I tend to wear more loose items. But I am a big fan of what I call the ‘feel shitty, dress pretty’ approach. Putting on a gorgeous outfit can actually really lift your mood.

Find your fashion style

#2 Ignore the size label
I’m a size 18 US –sometimes a 20 US- but most of the clothes in my wardrobe aren’t even from plus size brands. The size range from my closet goes from small up to size 24 US. And I do not care about that at all. I dress my body instead of my size. If I would just shop for my size I wouldn’t be able to wear everything I like. Straight size shopping opened up a world of fashion for me. My favorite stores? Monki, &Other Stories and the H&M trend collection. I also check out vintage stores a lot. Works like a charm…

#3 Step away from that comfort zone
Too obvious? Nahhhh… Way too many women keep it on the safe side. I used to be that chick. But trust me, life is best when you do things that scare the shit out of you. Excuse my French. So start experimenting. Try new things. Put on that tight dress. Or a supa dupa bright color. Show off your waistline with high waisted jeans. Go straight size shopping when you’re plus size. And be brave enough to don’t give a damn about so called fashion rules. Your body, your style. When my self-love started to bloom I ended up wearing more color and other shapes. I noticed that my outfits made me feel more confident. A powerful look literally makes me feel empowered.

Find your fashion style

#4 Ask a friend
Years ago, way before I really started to love myself, my friend Danielle helped me a lot with developing some fashion sense. I used to pick he safe options and lots of black. Danielle said: ‘Try a-line skirts, make it look cute with a printed blouse and wear cool sneakers’. This was the beginning of truly finding my style. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Especially from someone with a lot of fashion sense…

#5 Make mistakes
What I like to wear evolves a lot. And every now and then I buy things that I end up hating within months. And you know what? That’s okay. Fashion failures help you figure out what you really like and are a great lessons to find your fashion style. Another tip: go through your closet every season and get rid off things that you’re not feeling anymore. Take a good look at what’s left and build from there. Make mistakes so that you learn what is good for you. Not just in fashion but in life too…

I’d love to see your self-love inspired looks online. Use #happyisnotadresssize on Instagram. And don’t forget to join in on the Facebook group <3

Keep on shining loves,


Clothing details

Jeans blouse: Monki (old)
Green oversized blouse: &Other Stories (old, similar in short version)
Emotional baggage: School of Life
Blouse with kisses: Monki (old)
Skirt: New Look (on sale now!)

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