Hello Belloya! Meet the brand ambassadors…

Belloya ambassadors - Mayra Louise

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It’s been a long time coming… Okay, just a couple of weeks. But I’m finally able to share the Belloya campaign I shot with blogger homies Edith and Marianne. I’d love to hear your feedback: is it cute or is it cute?

Every time a new curvy or plus size brand is being launched I’m super curious about it. This was actually the first time I was asked to be a brand ambassador. Something I find quite exciting. Especially considering the way I dress. A lot of the stuff I wear is not from plus size brand like Belloya. Would I be able to make this work for me? I decided to take a leap of faith…Belloya

Body positive brand
What I really appreciate about Belloya is their mission to be a body positive brand. Belloya wants women to feel good about themselves. Something I can only encourage. To me body positivity is a mindset- happy is not a dress size!- but I do believe that the way you dress can add to this in a very positive way. We all like to look into that mirror and think: Damn girl, you look good today!BelloyaBeloya

Madonna vibes
I have to be straight up with you, it took me a minute to make the first Belloya collection work for me. I have a bit of a more urban style. But I made it work! I didn’t just wear the lace dress as a dress but I combined it with the leopard print blouse as well. I actually tight the knot with the blouse and it looked super cute with a pair of my favorite sneakers. The lace dress took me back to the 80’s when I was into Madonna. Like a virgin, oeh! Dressed by Belloya for the very first time (yeah yeah, bad joke, I know…) Last but not least, a structured grey dress combined with a yellow coat. The dress has a bit too much of an neat office vibe for me, but I love the color of the dress! Especially during Fall and Winter I like to give my outfits a pop of color.


Shout out to my girls
The best part of this day wasn’t the shoot but the moments with Edith and Marianne. People who know me personally or who have been following me for a while, know that for years I’ve struggled with the idea that I had to be thinner in order to feel happy. It gives me so much freedom to experience the opposite. This is probably why we connect as blogger homies as much as we do.

I’d like to end this little piece with some inspirational words by Alex Elle: ‘Be you. Love you. All ways. Always.’



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