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Chistine le Duc lingerie grote maten

Me and my lingerie drawer have a bit of a complicated relationship. I usually end up with a black high waisted brief and a bra that doesn’t match. But I’m bringing sexy back with this cute collab with Christine le Duc …

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At first I was a bit hesitant when I got approached for this collaboration. Christine le Duc? Wasn’t that just all about toys and sexy lingerie? But I decided to take a look on their website and got positively surprised by the things they had in their (recently extended) collection for plus size women.

Christine le Duc

Honestly I love lingerie but I can hardly ever find – or should I say ‘fit’- what I love to wear. I’m all about high waisted briefs and this is a challenge. My favorite ones are from Monki but they are super simple and just black.

‘I thought that my body wasn’t made for lingerie’

Many of you know that I have been working as a plus size model since I was 19. During my career I only did lingerie shoots twice. I never felt comfortable. I thought that my body wasn’t made for lingerie. In my mind you needed to have a flat stomach to model underwear.

Christine le Duc

Bra & briefs Liselotta Besired 

Ever since I started to post bikini shots on my blog and Instagram I got less scared about lingerie. Although I still don’t do shoots, I’m open to experiment and that’s a big step compared to a couple of years ago. On the website of CLD I found a cute lingerie set with some dark pink and lace. The fabric of the bottom is super stretchy which makes it super comfortable to wear. What I also really like is that it really is high waisted. I have had some disappointing moments with so called high waisted briefs. But this one fits me perfectly. I’m wearing a size XXL.

Christine le Duc

Bra Vanity Besired 

When I opened up the other high waisted brief I was in for a little surprise … Turns out that I ordered one with an open crotch. All I could think was: I will not be photographing this one! Hahahaha! The fabric of this one also wasn’t stretchy enough for me. But the bra was super pretty with some nice details on the shoulders.

Christine le Duc

Overall I was really happy with my choices. Personally I do hope that they will extend the size range for the bra’s and the knickers even more – I need the largest size and I’m a size 18/20 on the hips- so that more plus size women will be able to shop here. Another thing: add more fabrics with stretch. I like to be a bit sexy but feeling comfortable is even more important to me. Basically I want my lingerie to be figure hugging, just like my dresses …

What do you think about my selection? And what would you like to see when it comes to plus size lingerie?

This post was written in collaboration with Christine le Duc. All opinions are my own.


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