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Let me start by saying: I love me some Anna Nooshin. She’s a big inspiration. This lady started one of the biggest online platforms in the Netherlands (NSMBL), wrote a bestseller (and is working on book number two!) and started working as a tv presenter as well. It wouldn’t be a surprise to me if this power woman becomes internationally well known. We have done a cool project for NSMBL before and I was honored to work on this video with Anna.

I’m super excited that Anna wants to spread good vibes and positivity too. And that it is important to her to put plus size women in the spotlight as well. Check out some of her great looks on her Instagram and her YouTube channel ‘Anna Nooshin’ too! This lady sure knows how to dress well!

In this video Anna asked me some of the questions her Instagram followers had about plus size fashion. Since the video is in Dutch I decided to translate the highlights. At the end of the video (10:29) I show some looks that I love. The looks have no language but I sure hope they speak to you 😉

Anna Nooshin: Where can you buy the best plus size clothes?
“I don’t just shop at plus size stores. I go to the high street stores like H&M and Zara as well. I am a regular at Monki because of their oversized fit. I shop plus size stuff at ASOS Curve and H&M’s plus size collection.” In addition to this I’d like to add that I go to River Island and Urban Outfitters too. The last months I’ve been shopping at M&S as well. For jeans I also like to keep an eye on the plus size collection of Miss Etam. Yesterday I checked out the Miss Y collection of Yoek Fashion and spotted some really cool items. I really feel like plus size brands are stepping up their fashion game! 

What are the basic musthave for plus size ladies?
“Those items are actually really hard to find! I still haven’t found the perfect (suit) jacket. Jeans are obviously an important one. I get mine at ASOS, H&M and M&S. And if you want to invest in really great clothes you can shop at Marina Rinaldi. I like to shop at COS myself, they have a nice Scandinavian style/fit. Just like &Other Stories. I wear a size 48 but I’m able to shop in those stores as well. A good high waisted black tube skirt is an item I need in my wardrobe just like a denim blouse, that never goes out of style.”

Can all plus size women wear dresses?
“Definitely! I like to wear body con dresses to accentuate my waist line. I’m not ashamed of my big booty.”

Don’t you feel like you have to wear clothes that aren’t tight because of your size 18?
“No, I don’t but this has been a process. Years ago I used to wear clothes that were much wider, I didn’t really show my body. But the last couple of years I really started to accept myself and my body and this reflects in the way that I dress. I’m no longer afraid to put it out there.”

How did you become so confident?
“I’ve been dieting for twenty years and was focused on getting to a smaller size. I thought I would be happy if I would be thinner. When (five years ago) my dad died and my relationship ended I asked myself: What is truly important in life? This eventually resulted in looking at myself in another (more positive!!!) way. That’s why the tag line of my blog is ‘Happy is not a dress size’.”

Anna Nooshin

How do men react to your body? Don’t they go wild?
“Sometimes! (LOL) I do have to say that I get a different response when I wear tight fitted clothes compared to when I put on an a-line skirt. The approach is more sexual. Men flirt more. Make remarks when I walk by on the street. Or slap me on my booty when I go out (to a party).”

What do you do when it’s summertime? Do you cover up?
“No, I try to find cute bikinis and I’m not afraid to put them on. When I was younger I used to be that girl on the beach in a very big t-shirt who didn’t want to get herself a drink at the bar wearing just a bathing suit. But I’m not her anymore. I also post pictures of myself in bikinis on social media. It’s liberating to me to feel this comfortable with myself and my body. Especially when I look back on the past. There have been times that I didn’t even want to go to the beach. I used to think that my dress size was so important, it really made life less enjoyable.”

Would you like more video’s like this? What would you like us to discuss? Should I start my own YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments! <3

Anna Nooshin’s second book will be in stores in June. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube to keep up with this lovely lady!


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