Women Who Rock: model Marlous van Zee

Marlous van Zee

I’m proud to say that the third episode of the NSMBL series ‘Women Who Rock’ is online! I’ve collaborated with Anna Nooshin on this project and I am very happy with the results.

In this episode model Marlous van Zee shares her view on her job as a plus size model. “Straight size models are women with a size S. We are the size S of the women with bigger sizes, that’s how you should look at it,” says Marlous in the video.

She was also asked what you need to have to be able to work as a plus size model. Marlous: “You don’t just become model. You need to be scouted. First and foremost you have to be photogenic. You can be beautiful but if this doesn’t show in a picture, it will not work. You also have to be aware of your body and the way you can use your body to look at your best.”

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