Women Who Rock: model Danielle van Grondelle

danielle van grondelle - model

The term ‘plus size’ confuses people a lot. Especially when it comes to plus size models with size 10, 12 or 14. A lot of people don’t consider this plus size. I collaborated with Anna Nooshin from NSMBL on a special project about confidence and plus size models.

‘Women Who Rock’ is the beautiful result, I’m very excited and proud. All the models share their view on the term ‘plus size’. Last week the first video with Janneke van Opstal was released and today the second one featuring model Danielle van Grondelle.

“A plus size model is not the same a plus size woman,” says Danielle in the video. She is a size 12 and doesn’t have to shop in plus size stores. Just like straight size models the plus models with the ‘smallest’ plus sizes get most of the jobs, she explains. Danielle hopes that one day models will be called models, no matter what size they wear: “We do the same job and straight size models aren’t labeled as ‘min-sized’. So why call us plus size?”.

Want to read more about Danielle? Check out this interview.

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