Plus size Christine le Duc – part two

plus size christine le duc lingerie

You can probably remember my first post about Christine le Duc. I got a ton of lovely reactions so I was excited to do a part two. This time I chose a theme: one-pieces! Say ‘hi’ to my new body…

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When I told my boyfriend that I had to shoot some lingerie he came running with a camera. Ghe. I must say: I think my love did a pretty great job. The weather was really bad so it’s more grainy than I like them to be. Oh well, you can’t have it all. Especially in winter.

plus size christine le ducBody: Besired

Back to what it’s all about: the lingerie. Last time I focused on bra’s and a cute high waist brief from the plus size Christine le Duc collection. This time I chose to try something that’s more tricky: a body and a play suit. What makes it a bit harder is the fit. I’m a couple of sizes smaller on my upper body compared to my hips, so one-pieces usually don’t fit. The trick: stretchy fabrics! I’ve said it before: stretch really is my bff.

plus size christine le duc
The body is a mix of lace and mesh. I really feel great when I wear it. The fit is supercomfortable. And I think it’s hella sexy. If you ask me it’s a great piece to upgrade your confidence level. Because of the stretch it follows your curves. I believe that lingerie is a fun way to appreciate your body in another way than putting on cute clothes. You don’t have to share it with the world (like I’m doing), it can just be something you do for you. I always feel sexy when I wear lingerie. It’s like my little secret.

plus size christine le duc

Playsuit KissMe & bra Besired Julia

My second choice is a playsuit with a deep V-neck. It has an open back so you have to be cool with that. Or you can put a bra, body or top under it to have less of a naked look. To me this would be a perfect item to put on during a romantic evening. Or maybe when I’m staying in a hotel with my boyfriend. Just like the body it’s very stretchy. I combined it with a pretty bra from the plus size range from Christine le Duc but it looked very cute with the lace body underneath it too.

plus size christine le duc

A little extra you-did-not-ask-for-this-but-I-am-giving-it-to-you-anyway-advice … Don’t be afraid to experiment with lingerie. Does it still kinda scare you? Focus on the fabrics. You come a long way with stretchy items. Do you want to accentuate your waistline? Put on a high waisted brief. Try to figure out what type of lingerie you love. And if that turns out to be a super simple cotton brief, don’t make yourself feel shitty about that. Simply embrace what you love to put on. Your body, your rules, your lingerie. Never forget that you’re good enough. You deserve everything good in life.

Keep on shining loves,


P.S. Let me know what you think about my picks from CLD!

This post was written in collaboration with Christine le Duc. All opinions are my own.

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