Self-love: Happy is not a dress size

happy is not a dress size - mayra louise

As a journalist and plus size model I write and smile for a living. THE PUBLISIZED is a combination of these two. I’ve been modeling for over 13 years now and although we’ve made progress, we’re not there yet. Plussize, curvy, whatever you want to call it, is still an exception in fashion.

‘I want to publish about a wider range of shapes and sizes’

I’m a firm believer of size diversity. That’s why I started THE PUBLISIZED and introduced my tagline: Happy is not a dress size.  On my website I want to publish about a wider range of shapes and sizes. I truly believe more size diversity – in size, age and origin – can be very powerful when it comes to women’s perceptions of themselves.

‘It took years for me to get to the point where I am now’

I’ve not always been a fangirl when it comes to curves. I was a skinny child but from when I was 11 I’ve been off and on diets. Thinner always seemed the better option. I wasn’t unhappy but I did think that being a couple of sizes smaller would make me happier.

Even when I started modeling at the age of 19, I still felt like I wasn’t good enough because of my size. It took years for me to get to the point where I am now. I’ve learned that happy is not a dress size. It’s a mind state. And it’s not for sale.

‘When it comes to self-love you are your own care taker’

A lot of women struggle with what they see when they look into a mirror. I hope to inspire them to smile a bit more when they face their own reflection. That’s literally how I started my journey of self-love: smiling at myself every morning. Seems corny but it works like a charm.

When I look at myself now I still see the things about my body or face that I don’t really like but I don’t focus on them anymore. I consider myself beautiful and worthy of being well taken care of.

When it comes to self-love you are your own care taker. What you give to yourself, you reflect to others. Give love, get love. It’s as simple as that. Just take it one little step at a time. Eventually you’ll be amazed by your beautiful self.

Happy is not a dress size – the movement 
Share your moments of self-love, body love and confidence using #happyisnotadresssize. I’d love to see your stories!

Images: Heather Hazzan

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  1. erg inspirerend, ikzelf ben 19 en ik ben aan de medicatie voor mijn angststoornis. dat maakte dat ik 16 kilo aankwam in een half jaar tijd. ik was al onzeker over mijn lichaam, en nu nog steeds. ik ben nu bezig met mezelf te accepteren, mijn angsten en mijn lichaam. 🙂 dus ik ga je zeker volgen! Ga zo door, Liefs Jody.

    • Hi Jody, dank voor je mooie reactie. Wat goed dat je met jezelf aan de slag bent gegaan. Ik wens je heel veel succes. You can do this!!!
      Lieve groet,

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