Iskra Lawrence: ‘You can be your own rolemodel too’

Iskra Lawrence interview

Meet Iskra. This body positive Instagram sensation (4 million followers – and counting) is signed with JAG Models. Iskra Lawrence works her magic on Runway Riot, a style, fashion and beauty website for women of all sizes and has just launched ‘everyBODYwithIskra’. A platform to inspire your self-love. Iskra grew up in England but lives in New York now. What’s her view on self-love and a healthy dose of self-esteem?

I has been amazing to see Iskra Lawrence inspire so many women when it comes to body positivity and self-love. I admire her honesty and I am superexcited that she took the time to do this interview with me. Now let’s get to it!

Iskra Lawrence

Have you always been body positive?
“I had very low self-esteem and disordered eating in my teens due to years of rejection and body scrutiny in the modeling industry. Until I decided that I wasn’t happy or healthy and I realised that I could only ever be me, so why not be the best version of myself? I began researching nutrition and training in the gym to be fit and healthy. The more I embraced my body and who I was, the more confident I became. I never compare myself or my body to others. True confidence to me is when someone truly knows who they are and embraces their body. Confidence radiates from within.”

Image: Rafael Clemente

I love the StyleLikeU video’s. Iskra is part of the series too. Check out her story.

What makes you happy in life? And how do you maintain your happiness?
“My loved ones make me happy. I wake up everyday feeling grateful to be healthy, alive and have special people in my life. If I’m ever feeling down I will facetime my boyfriend or take some me time with candles, maybe some TV and chocolate. I remember all the things I am thankful for. You can sometimes begin to become too self aware, selfish or self obsessed. I try to focus on helping others and that always makes me happy.”

Iskra Lawrence:’Only I am in control of my self-worth and now that I love my body no one can bring me down’

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned body wise?
“My body is not just something to look at. It’s my home, it enables me to live this incredible life so I must love and respect it.”


Iskra gave her first TED talk and she has an important message to share:

Best advice someone ever gave you when it comes to feeling good about yourself?
“Practise looking in the mirror and instead of looking at things you don’t like start finding the things you love about yourself. Learning to love all your flaws because you are more than your body.”

As a model you get a lot of feedback on your body. How do you deal with the positive and negative comments?
“I had people calling me fat or telling me I would never make it as a model for years. Yet I did it, so now any comments I receive I literally laugh off. Only I am in control of my self-worth and now that I love my body no one can bring me down.”


Image: Instagram

What do you hope to teach girls and women that look up to you?
“I wish every girl could see they can be their own role model. That if they believe in themselves anything is possible.”

What is Runway Riot?
“RR is a home for all women where we talk about fashion, beauty and news whilst celebrating diversity and promoting healthy body image. I am managing editor and create daily content with a focus on videos that can hopefully inspire or educate the viewer. I really hope that as RR grows more women will feel empowered and we can all stand strong together to demand more diversity in the fashion industry and make a lasting impact.”

In this lovely video from the Aerie Real campaign Iskra shares an important message about confidence and self-love. 

Do you want to keep up with Iskra? Follow her on Instagram and don’t forget to visit Runway Riot! Want to join Iskra’s new program? Check it out here

Opening image by Carolyne Loreé


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