Women Who Rock: Model Stephanie Afrifa

Stephanie Afrifa interview

It’s here! The fifth and last episode of the NSBML ‘Women Who Rock’ series. I collaborated with Anna Nooshin from NSMBL on this project and I’m thankful for this chance and super happy with the results. In this episode the gorgeous Stephanie Afrifa shares her view on plus size modeling and being a dark-skinned model.

In the video Stephanie explains that she’s okay with the term ‘plus size’ but she hopes that one day people will not be confused by her size when she introduces herself as a model. Modeling agencies told Stephanie that it’s hard to make money with her because of her skin color. Especially in Europe a darker skin, afro and curves are an exception in magazines, according to the model. Her message about being happy with who you are couldn’t be more real: “If you never accept the way you look you’ll never stop trying to slim down, work out or tighten your body. It’s better to accept yourself and be happy with who you are. Self-acceptance is the key.”


Picture: Kwesi Abbensets


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