The Glamourai: Rediscovering the Goddess

The Glamourai

I just bumped into this shoot from The Glamourai on Instagram and I literally fell in love. Honestly I’m not a big fan of plus size models being naked all the time, but this shoot is something else. It’s a celebration of femininity. And I have nothing but love for that.

You can see the full story on The Glamourai, a webzine by creative director Kelly Framel. The gorgeous model is Jourdan Whitehead. The shoot is inspired by a post card from Paris and is accompanied by a very honest and personal story from Kelly that you should definitely read.

Being happy about my body and positive about the way I look is something I have to work for every day. If I stop the love, I stop the growth and make myself smaller than I deserve. I really hope that you are with me on this thing called self-love. We are all a work in progress.

Model Jourdan shared these powerful words on her Instagram: “My body has been through much, and as a young woman in an industry where my body is my business I know my body will have much more to see and do. Remembering to take the time and energy to appreciate all my body does for me is vital for peace of mind. My body protects me, responds to my thoughts, allows me to move, love, cry, breathe and be. Most importantly, my body hosts my precious soul that is filled with hopes, plans, ideas, intellect, and faith. With the creativity and talent of some incredible women, we were able to capture something that sends chills up my spine and I hope it inspires and uplifts all those who see it, as an outlet that helps viewers to have (in the words of my dear Mami @jeromomma) reverence for their bodies, instead of declaring war on their reflections”.

For now, enjoy the gorgeous view. And be extra kind to yourself today when you look into a mirror or think about yourself. Spread the body positive love.

The Glamourai

The Glamourai 3
The Glamourai 4

The Glamourai 7

The Glamourai 6


Pictures by Jamie Beck
Creative direction: Kelly Framel (The Glamourai)
Hair & Make-up: Porsche Cooper


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