Marbles Vintage Monday Crush!

Marbles Vintage - Mayra Louise

I love me some vintage and second hand shopping so I was super excited when Marbles Vintage asked me to be their ‘Marbles Monday Crush’. Last week the super sweet and talented Laura Andalou took some pictures of me in my home. And I love them!

Marbles Vintage is one of my favorite stores on the Haarlemmerstraat/Haarlemmerdijk. I walk by the store almost every day and have a couple of their items in my closet. I think vintage/second hand is a great way to shop for curvy and plus size women as well. Oversized coats, cute skirts, super feminine dresses… what’s not to love? I personally have a thing for items with bold shoulders. It balances out my hips 😉

For this Marbles Vintage shoot I picked up two really cool denim jackets, a sexy body, a fringe top (hello festival season!) and a printed cropped blouse. I can’t wait for the Summer to start so I can start wearing the tops outside my home as well. The jeans jackets are totally bomb! In the pictures only one of the two is featured but I’ll make sure to put together an outfit post with the other one soon!

This week I will finally shoot some outfits for the blog. I have about eight outfits ready to shoot so the next months will be filled with fashion. Ofcourse it will be on top of the regular content. Lot’s of great stuff coming your way!

Enough blablabla for now… please check out the awesome pictures of the Marbles Vintage editorial below and let me know how if you love ‘em too!

Marbles VintageMarbles Vintage

Marbles Vintage

Marbles Vintage
Marbles Vintage 2

Marbles VintageI know, I know… My cat Monroe is brutally stealing my shine… Oh well, my furry friend is about as cute as it gets so it’s okay.

Don’t forget to like Marbles Vintage on Facebook and Instagram so that you can keep and eye on their musthave items!

Photography by Laura Andalou


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