The All Woman Project

The All Woman Project

Every now and then magic happens. To me The All Woman Project is just that: magic. I’m so excited to see a campaign like this. Diversity is really important to me. Another thing to love: no retouching. Bye bye Photoshop! I did a quick Q&A with one of the firestarters Clémentine Desseaux…

What is the idea behind The All Woman Project?
“It’s to show all woman that we’re more alike that we’re made to think. That we all have flaws and parts of us we struggle or used to struggle with and that’s ok. That makes us all woman and imperfectly perfect.”

All Woman Project

‘Our physical attributes do not define us as women; our strength and character does. All of this make us all woman’- The All Woman Project

What inspired The All Woman Project?
“The need of diversity in our job and in our life, as women. The need of feeling represented and ambition to see the next generation grow up without being limited by what their skin color is or the size of their pants. We want all younger girls to look at the media and see themselves and as many diverse versions of beauty as possible so they know what really matter is what you are inside. That you can overcome anything and be who you dream on being!”

All Woman Project

The idea is to help ‘all women to feel represented’, how do you attempt to do this?
“We’re creating a series of diversity campaigns and social medias activations to involve as much women to stand up for who they are and love themselves, regardless of how they look like and what the medias tell us we should be. We’re planning on stopping when diversity isn’t an issue to be talked about anymore!”

‘I want to empower the next generation of young women to embrace their flaws and make them their special powers’ – Kamie Crawford 

All Woman Project

Why do you feel like this project is needed for women?
“We believe we can do good with strong images and messages. We believe the more diversity we put out the less women will feel misrepresented and isolated, left to feel like they don’t matter or fit in.”

All Woman Project

What part of this project makes you most proud and why?
“I love that we’re receiving so much positive vibes back from women. The response from this first has been absolutely amazing and pushes us to keep going! We’re so proud to have been able to change women’s perspective on their own body and life through this one campaign. We’re planning on expanding our reach to touch even more of them!”

‘It is possible to make this world a better place. We can accomplish so much by just believing in ourselves. We just want more women to do the same’ –Clémentine Desseaux

Can women do anything to participate?
“YES ! We want all woman to turn themselves into a role model and take part into our campaign!”

All Woman Project

Here’s how you can be part of The All Woman Project

Please record a video on your phone with the following info and post it on your channels + send it to The All Woman Project at so they can post it too and tell your story.

1. Your name

2. Fill in the blanks.
” I am …. ” ( Example: A 12yr Cancer Survivor, Just ran my first 5k, own my own beauty blog, work at a shelter… ) and “I want to encourage all women today to …..”
with your motto/inspirational message that you think girls and women should hear. (Example: Be yourself, Own it, Spread the love, Fun at 50, Love my tighs, All shades of colors are beautiful…)

4. Make sure it’s around 30 seconds so it can fit the Instagram restrictions

We would love you to tag #iamallwoman in your post + tag @allwomanproject ! We look forward to see your post go up on our socials and live on our website!

All Woman Project

Get to know more about The All Woman Project on the website and follow them on Clapit (the new social app),  Twitter and Instagram and tag your positive messages and images with #iamallwoman to make sure other women see it too and can be inspired by you!

The beautiful pictures were made by Heather Hazzan and Lily Cummings. The video was directed by Olimpia Valli Fassi.

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