Thursday Thunder: Audrey Ritchie

Audrey Ritchie interview

I’m not perfect and I accept that’

On The Publisized a Thursday doesn’t mean throwback, it means it’s time for some thunder! This week I got you curves, curls and confidence from the stunning Audrey Ritchie (23). What’s her view on body positivity?

“Growing up I had horrible body confidence. I went to a private school where most of the girls were tiny, and I hit puberty before them. So having hips and boobs made me feel fat. I felt so intimidated by everyone. I would have panic attacks and break downs sobbing and crying not understanding why I couldn’t be skinny like them. All the girls had boyfriends and boys didn’t even give me that kind of attention. I didn’t even have a boyfriend until after highschool. The moment a guy gave me romantic attention I gained so much confidence. I realized if this man likes me for what I look like, why wouldn’t I like myself for the way I look? As I grew older and realized that everything that I thought was unattractive about my body was actually what a lot of women strive for and what a lot of men thought to be attractive, I decided to make a mental change. I have hips, I have boobs, I have insane curly hair, and none of that should bother me! I realize now that my body is beautiful, just as beautiful as a woman who is petite. We are all beautiful, and we should all know that.”

Audrey RitchiePhoto: Michael Rousseau

‘No one has 100% confidence’

“I believe being truly confident means you love who you are, you can accept your flaws, you strive for goals within yourself, and no one can tell you otherwise. No one has 100% confidence, but you can try your hardest to not let any negativity bring you down! Look at all the positive things and try not to pay attention to anything negative. It’s hard, but once your mind is used to going towards a positive note all the time, your whole outlook on yourself will change. I always try to look on the brighter side of things. I don’t like to dwell on things that make me unhappy, it happens sometimes, but I try to ignore the negativity as best as I can. It annoys people sometimes! But that’s ok, that’s just how I am.”

Audrey Ritchie Photo: Rick Rose

‘I try not to leave my front door with a negative attitude’

“I’m not perfect, and I accept that. But I’m blessed to be modeling for a living, not many girls get to do that. I have stretch marks and scars and cellulite like any normal woman, but I try not to focus on those. I see myself as someone with potential to change the world. I want women to see that I am human as well, and I get up and move on from the stupidity of today’s society. I have my bad days, but there will always be the next day to change that. I have to remember that. Those days come and go, I’m a woman and it’s natural to go through mood swings and body changes. I try not to leave my front door with a negative attitude. If I need to randomly do my hair and makeup -I rarely wear makeup outside of work and my hair is always in a bun- to make myself feel beautiful, then I will! I’ll bring out my confidence by feeling good about myself. I take the time to look into the mirror and tell myself at least two positive things about myself. Something like ‘I love how my butt looks in these jeans’ or ‘My skin looks so clear today!’. I’ll also listen to some super upbeat, fun music.”

Audrey Ritchie Photo: Michael Oliveri

 ‘Bullies are ridiculous. I’m not your cup of tea? Boo hoo’

“I am very lucky in the fact that I rarely get bullies. I wish I could say I ignore them all, but there have been a couple comments that really got under my skin. There was one instance where I blasted a bully on my Instagram. I got so much support and people backing me up and it made me feel good that I had that love, but I deleted it the next day. I want to be a role model to women, I don’t want to show that kind of weakness when we should all be strong in who we are. Bullies are ridiculous. I’m not your cup of tea? Boo hoo.”

Audrey Ritchie Photo: Bradford Willcox

 ‘Being myself is the best I can be’

“My super amazing parents have always told me that if it makes me happy then don’t sacrifice your happiness. I shouldn’t have to conform. I shouldn’t have to give in to peer pressure. Being myself is the best I can be. No one wants fake! Being yourself is the only way you will find yourself. I want women to know I’m just like everyone else, that no one should be ashamed of their body. Embrace it. If you want change, then go for it! Being confident and knowing who you are is so attractive, so I hope to emulate that.”

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