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Classy Curves Instagram interview

Miss ClassyCurves is a lady I’ve been following for a while now. She’s sharing her love for dressing up her curvy body on Instagram. After getting to know her wardrobe and body positive vibes I felt like it was time to get to know her a bit better. So I had to ask her for a Thursday Thunder! Meet Stefanie the daycare teacher who turns into ClassyCurves at night and during the weekend…

The Publisized: What makes you happy in life?
ClassyCurves: “A lot of things! It starts with little things like finding a parking spot, seeing my fav cake at the bakery is left when I get there, a hot bubble bath and finding that one dress I always wanted, to bigger things like my family, my boyfriend and my blog.
I would say one of my biggest inspirations in life are my parents. They are together forever – happy – and we are four kids and they always worked their butts off to make us happy. Also the people I meet via social media inspire me – I think through a blog you have the power to inspire but also to get inspired by a lot of different people with different lifestyles. You can find inspiration everywhere – you just have to be open for new things.”


Why did you start your blog ClassyCurves?
“I started my blog about two years ago. I got a lot of positive feedback from family, friends and strangers and that is basically why I decided to start blogging. People always asked for outfit details and one day I just found myself onWordpress starting a blog. Besides that, I love to be in front of the camera. Right now my blog goal is to inspire as many people as possible. Also it would be nice to have my own collection one day. A big dream would also be to get a little into modelling.”

‘My body and I are bff’s’ – ClassyCurves

Are you body positive?
“I would say my body and I are bffs right now. We also have our little fights and struggles but in the end we love each other. And that is what it is about. No one says you can not have bad days. When I started my body positive story years ago I hated myself. I was shy, hiding and my clothes – omg I bought jeans at the guy section and wore a bigger size than my dad. I was very insecure. And then everything changed. A lot of things happened at the same time – first of all I decided that I need role models. Realistic ones, that I can look up to. That inspires me. I found them on instagram – for example Gabi Fresh – I love her! And then I discovered Asos. They changed my fashion game from 0-100. Finally I had the chance to wear what I like – like nice slim jeans. The beginning of a fashion love story. And third – and I think this was what I was most afraid of – I got positive feedback from people around me. Family and friends but also strangers gave me compliments and that pushed me even more. I think there is no real ‘secret’ to body confidence. You just have to start. It is kinda like going to the gym. The first days are hard but once you get the flow of it it just gets better. But there are tips and tricks on how to practice to get more confident. I recently decided to start a new series on my blog called ‘ConfidenceXClassyCurves’ where I share my tricks and tips.”


What is confidence to you?
“It’s knowing who you are, what you want in life and believing in yourself. To love yourself no matter what, accept and know your flaws and to out shine them with your strengths. Confidence gives you that special glow. We all know these people that we see in the street and think: Wow. I believe that confident people have doubts too but they never let their doubts or fears stop them. And I belive that every human can learn how to be confident. Confident thinking and behaviour can be practised and, in time it can become a habit. Confidence is like a muscle, it grows when you continue to feel good about yourself and believe in your abilities.”


“I also realized that the moment you decide to love yourself and you do it – that is when you are ready to be loved by someone else. And right now this is what makes me the happiest. On the days where I feel less happy with my body my partner picks me up. Also I stopped giving doubt too much space and I always try to focus on the good like ‘okay, I gained weight but mostly the booty got bigger, lol’. And we all know hips do not lie! And if I am really down I cry to let it out – yes we all cry sometimes and it is okay girl, and then I remind myself who I am. What I achieved – how far my body and I already got and that I do not want to go back. I also do a list on which I write 10 things I love about myself and I always ask myself why? Like for example the thought: ‘I am not good enough’. If I can not answer this question with five good reasons (and let me tell you – you can’t either) or if the only answers are ‘because I know it is true’ or minor incidents from the past then you know it is just your mind playing with you”.

‘Your mind is your biggest enemy, not your body. Your thoughts affect the way you feel and behave’ – ClassyCurves

How do you make sure to stay in a good place with yourself?
“I try to stay in a good place with my body because I believe that in the end your mind is your biggest enemy, not your body. Your thoughts affect the way you feel and behave. The habit of thinking negatively can lead to low self-confidence and self-worth. Also I try to spring clean my belief system – because what you believe, is what you become. I use mantra’s like ‘I am beautiful’. If you repeat your chosen manta on a regular basis it will help to reaffirm your faith in yourself. I make a happy list to focus on the positive. And I take care of myself because when you treat yourself well you feel well. I do things like taking a long, hot relaxing bath.”


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned body wise?
“To not compare myself with others. There is no need to do that. When you focus too much on seeing others being better than you then you lose focus on your own positives. You stop yourself from being the best version of you.

‘You have the right to stand up for yourself and that is what you should do’ – ClassyCurves

Best body positive advice ever gotten?
“Act confident. Even if you are not. It can actually make you feel more confident. And there are a lot of ways to do that: making eye contact with people, the tone of your voice, model someone (find a role model) and most important act as if you have enough confidence.”

How do you deal with the feedback you get on your body?
“I cherish the feedback I get as a blogger – especially when it’s positive. I save it for days where I feel down and need a reminder. Negative feedback is always harder to deal with. Most people tell me to ignore it but I am saying sometimes you have to clap back and remind people that it is not okay to talk to you like that. Stay nice and don’t get nasty. But as a role model for younger girls I want to remind them that you don’t have to watch people to hurt you or ignore them. You have the right to stand up for yourself and that is what you should do.”


What’s a lesson you hope to teach others?
“To love yourself. I preach that all bodies are beautiful. I do not want them to look at my body and say ‘I wanna look like her’, I want them to love their own bodies.”

What would you tell your younger self?
“The advice I would give to my younger self is that it is okay to cry. That everything will be okay in the end and that I am good enough – always have been and always will be.”

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