Women Who Rock: Model Mayra de Wilde

Mayra Louise model NSMBL

Oh hi! Yeah… that would be me. The last couple of weeks I have been updating you about the project ‘Women Who Rock’. An NSMBL series about plus size models and their view on the term ‘plus size’, modeling, curves and everything related. I collaborated with Anna Nooshin from NSMBL for this project and I’m thankful to be part of it.

I was very nervous about my own video. I never really feel comfortable during filming but I’m happy to say that I love the result and I am very proud.

Since the video is in Dutch I’ll share what I’m talking about. I basically say that I hope that there will come a time that magazines publish editorials with models in different sizes without the ‘XL’ or ‘plus’ label attached to it. I believe that a wider range of sizes in media can add to women feeling more comfortable. A larger size or a thick and curvy body is beautiful too. How you feel and the size on the label in your dress are two different things and should not be related. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Happy is not a dress size!

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    • Mayra

      Hi! Het is van Urban Outfitters, van de mannenafdeling. Wel van langer dan een jaar geleden.
      Maar maybe ergens online nog te vinden?

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